Gym Equipment Maintenance

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Gym equipment maintenance is incredibly important in any situation.  It does not matter if your gym equipment is being used once, twice or ten times a week – it is vital in any case.  Like anything with electrical parts and several moving parts, gym equipment needs cleaning, lubricating and general maintenance. Many home setups will suffer from a lack of gym equipment maintenance and will not serve the lifespan capable of their machines, in the long term gym equipment owners will lose money from not keeping their gym equipment...

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Benefits of gym flooring

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There are many benefits of using gym flooring for a small or large gym area, or even underneath just one or two pieces of gym equipment.  There are many different styles of flooring and even more importantly, there is a vast difference in quality from different suppliers – like anything, you generally get what you pay for. If you are planning on laying gym flooring you have already made a smart decision.  Rubber gym flooring cuts down noise throughout your gym or home and protects existing flooring, which is most important when...

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Why lubricate my treadmill?

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Why should you bother lubricating your treadmill? There are many reasons why you should regularly service your treadmill – the most important of these steps is to lubricate underneath your running belt.  Failure to do so can cause several problems down the track.  The cost of a bottle of silicone lubricant is a fraction of the cost of repairing your treadmill once it breaks down after little to no maintenance. If you would like to organise regular maintenance of your gym equipment or would like a one off service, please contact Patrick...

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